This is McMullens Klagenfurt

An Teachin

If you want a little retreat from your busy every day life, turn left at the front door and enter your own private pub. With its own bar counter, beer taps and a table you can have a cosy night with your friends or your private little party. 

The Fireplace

One of the most impressive features in the pub is the beautiful fireplace. Even though it can't be lit, it makes your stay in the pub so much cosier.

Stage Room/Seomra Stáste

This is where all the magic happens. Live music, comedy club, karaoke nights… all brought to you from our beautiful stage. So dance and laugh the night away.

The Courtyard

For all those who like to enjoy their pint and their burger in the fresh air, we can offer a cosy spot in our roofed courtyard. It is indeed a lovely day for a Guinness.

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