This is McMullens

McMullens has something for everyone. A cosy atmosphere for a quiet pint with friends, a great variety of events for entertainment seekers and a dart board (also a pool table in Villach) for the ones who like a challenge. In both pubs we have a beautiful courtyard for a breath of fresh air with the atmosphere of a pub. 

McMullens Klagenfurt

St. Veiter Ring 16, 9020 Klagenfurt

Click on the photo for a little peek into McMullens Klagenfurt

McMullens Villach

Hauptplatz 10, 9500 Villach

Photos of our latest location following soon. Until then pop in and see it yourself

McMullens Leoben

Langgasse 9, 8700 Leoben

Click on the photo for a little peek into McMullens Leoben

The McMullen Name and  Crest

Have you been wondering what the story with the  McMullens logo and the name of the pub is?
Well, here it goes:
Julian's surname is Mullen. So far so obvious. But Julian's other side of the family, his mother's side, are called McDonnell. Both names put together make up the name of the pub: McMullens.
Most family names in Ireland and Scotland have a family crest, or coat of arms, as it is also called. It was originally used as a means of identification for knights on the battlefield or at tournaments. Since their helmet and armour was covering them from head to toe the crest painted on the shield was the only way to identify them. The crescent moon in the Mullen crest signifies one who has been "enlightened and honoured by his sovereign" and the sword stands for government and justice. Every family with a family crest also has a family motto. The Mullen motto is
"To Live is to Conquer"
In Latin: "Vivere Sat Vincere",
In Gaelic: "Ni Beatha Go Bua" (pronounced: Knee,  Bay-Ha,  Guh,  Boo-ah)