Homemade Sauces

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Here‘s a short description of all the sauces you will find throughout the menu. 

All of the sauces we serve in the Pub are 100% homemade and have a range of different influences like a Chip Shop Curry Sauce to a Texan Barbeque Sauce. All of the sauces are featured in the menu at some point, but if you can‘t get enough we have them listed individually as well.


Homemade Sauces 


  • Sriracha Mayo (C)                                                     € 0.50 

A spicy mayonnaise using the asian condiment Sriracha. Although spicy, the kick will 

not be too overwhelming. 

  • Ranch (C, G)                                                               € 0.50 

Garlic & Herb Dip 

Ranch dressing has it‘s origins in America from the 1950‘s. 

You can get it in every restaurant in the states and goes well with anything. 

  • Tartare Sauce (C)                                                       € 0.50 

A classic, zesty Homemade sauce that perfectly pairs with our Fish and Chips. 

  • Hop House Cheddar Sauce (A, F, G, M)                  € 0.90 

Using one of our 3 Irish Draughts, we have made a deliciously Irish Cheese sauce. 

Somewhat of an ‚Irish Nacho Cheese‘.

  • Guinness Gravy (A, F, G, M)                                      € 0.90 

Gravy is fantastic on its own, but combining it with the original Irish stout elevates it to a new level. 

  • Chipper Curry Sauce (A)                                           € 0.90 

You will find a Curry Sauce in every Chipper in Ireland. Although it may not be the most authentic, definteley a drunk night out must-have with your Chips. 

  • BBQ Sauce (F, M)                                                       € 0.90 

A Homemade BBQ Sauce that is sweet, smokey and spicy. The perfect combination! 

  • Hot Sauce                                                                   € 0.90 

Homemade using Rawit Chillis. NOT for the faint of heart. 

  • Sweet & Sour Sauce (F)                                            € 0.90 

You can find Sweet & Sour Sauce in every Chinese takeaway in Ireland. We hope our homemade version can live up to the nostalgia. 

  • Honey Whiskey Glaze (A, G)                                    € 0.90 

Busmills Honey/Irish Mist Glaze 

A sweet glaze with caramelized onions and a hint of spice. 

  • Jameson Cranberry (A)                                              € 0.90 

When mixed with Cranberry Jam, Jameson develops it‘s vanilla flavour. Pairs perfectly with our Cheddar Sticks.


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Wings (A, C) 

Enjoy one of these Pub Classics with one of our homemade sauces. 

  • Wings & BBQ (A, C, F, M)                                   € 8.60 

  •  Wings & Sweet & Sour (A, C, F)                       € 8.60 

  • Wings & Hot Sauce (A, C)                                  € 8.60 

  • Wings & Honey Glaze (A, C, G)                         € 8.60 



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  • „Frickle“                                                                       € 5.50 

Fried Pickles 

The very definition of food that shouldn‘t work... but just does. 

You never try, you never know. 

  • „Fralapeno“                                                                 € 5.50 

Fried Jalapenos 

Like the Frickle. With the extra kick. 

  • Fried Green Beans                                                     € 5.50 

Your Mam always had to force you to eat your greens when you were growing up, and now, after you have tried these Fried „Strankalan“, you‘ll be ordering it at a pub because they‘re so good. 

Sorry not sorry. 

  • Not Your „Typisch“ Onion Rings                              € 5.50 

Most Onion rings you find in Austria will be breaded. At McMullen‘s we double bater our Onion Rings in our Kilkenny Beer Batter. We firmly believe that is what makes these not so „typisch“ and a little „etwas anderes“. 

  • Cheddar Sticks                                                          € 5.90 

An Irish version of Mozarella sticks served with a delicious Jameson Cranberry Sauce.


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  • Spud Skins (C, G)                                                      € 4.20 

Potato Skins are actually the most nutritious part of the potato (as is the case with most 

vegetables!). So you can feel good about enjoying this „Healthy“ snack ;). 

  • Homemade Chip-Shop Chips (A)                           € 3.90 

  • Chips & Curry Sauce (A)                                          € 4.40 

  • Chips & Hop House Cheddar Dip                           € 4.40 

(A, F, G, M) 

  • Chips & Gravy                                                           € 4.40 

(A, F, G, M)

„Spudnado“ (A, C, G) 

Potato Tornado 

Deep fried spiraled potato served with sauce of choice. 

  • Potato Tornado & Curry Sauce                              € 3.70 


  • Potato Tornado & Hop House Cheddar Dip        € 3.70 

(A, F, G, M) 

  • Potato Tornado & Gravy                                        € 3.70 

(A, F, G, M)


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  • Curry Chicken Wrap (A)                                           € 5.90 

Curry Chicken, Red Onion, Lettuce, Tomato 

  • New York Wrap (A, C, G)                                         € 5.90 

Ham, Cheddar, Red Onion, Lettuce, Mayo, Yoghurt Dressing 

  • Italian Dream (A, G)                                                  € 5.90 

Salami, Mozarella, Peppers, Rucola, Cream Cheese, Pesto 

  • Veggie Wrap (A, G)                                                  € 5.90 

Spinach, Feta, Tomato, Pepper, Yoghurt Dressing, Cracked Black Pepper 

  • Spicy Mexican Wrap (A)                                                    € 5.90 

Chicken, Cheddar, Red Pepper, Onion, Guacamole, Salsa, Sriracha Mayo 

  • VEGAN Chickpea Salad Wrap (A, L, M, N)           € 5.90 

Chickpeas, Tahini, Mustard, Red Onion, Celery, Pickles

Sandwiches and Burgers

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  • American Style Burger w/ Chips (A, G, M)          € 9.30 

An American classic covered in our homemade Burger Relish. 

  • The McMullen’s Burger w/ Chips (A, G)              € 9.90 

This McMullen‘s Burger uses a classic nutty Cheddar, homemade Honey Glaze and crispy onions to make a deliciously rich burger. 

  • Spicy Chicken Roll w/ Chips (A, C, G)                  € 9.90 

The Chicken Roll is one of the most classic and comforting Irish meals. A chicken filet served inside a baguette with Sriracha mayo, cheese and roasted red peppers. 

  • Chicken Quesadilla (A, C, G)                                 € 8.90 

A flour tortilla filled with Cheese, Chicken and Veg toasted on a flat top and served with Sriracha Mayo. 

With origins from Mexico, we now bring them to our pub using Irish Cheddar to put our own twist on it.

Traditional Irish Meals

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  • „One & One“ (A, C, D)                                               € 9.90 

Traditional Irish Fish & Chips 

  • Beef (Rind) & Guinness Stew (A, F, L)                    € 8.90 

A rich & hearty stew with all the traditional trimmings as well as some of our very own guinness to give it a deeper, malty flavour. It could be somewhat described as an „Irish Gulasch“. 

  • Cottage Pie (A, F, G, L)                                             € 9.90 

Beef / Rind 

A Cottage Pie is a savoury pie made with a kind of ‚Beef Sugo‘, topped with delicious Mashed Potatoes. 

This dish has it‘s origins in the 18th century when the poorer part of the population started to make potatoes a part of their everyday life. This part of the population lived in Cottages, hence the name Cottage Pie. 

  • Bangers & Mash (A, C, F, G, M)                              € 9.90 

Traditional Irish sausages served with our own take on mashed potatoes and our homemade Guinnes Gravy.


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  • Banoffee Pie (A, C, G)                                                € 5.40 

Banana & Toffee = Banoffee. 

A classic combination of bananas and toffee, layered in a crunchy graham cracker crust and crowned with whipped cream. 

Simple and delicious. 

  • Baileys Banoffee Pie (A, C, G)                                 € 6.30 

Try Banoffee Pie with our Boozy Bailey‘s Whipped Cream for an even better experience. 


  • Whipped Cream (G)                                                 € 0.50 

  • Baileys Whipped Cream (G)                                    € 0.90