Events at McMullens Klagenfurt

Open Mic Night

Friday, November 25, 8p.m.

 This Friday, ladies and gents, the McMullens stage can be yours. Our mic is open for you and your voice so come in and grab that mic...! 

Basswood Green Live

Saturday, November 26, 8p.m.

Basswood Green are back this Saturday night for round two! Enjoy some wonderful Celtic, Irish and Scottish folk music in McMullens! Craic agus ceol!



George Matters and Stevie D. Live

Wednesday, November 30, 8p.m.

George Matters and Stevie D. are going to spice up your week again. Don't miss these two very talented and entertaining musicians when they take to the McMullens stage.

Genna&Jesse Live

Wednesday, November 23, 8p.m.

Stopping in McMullens on their European tour are Genna and Jesse, two amazing musicians from the U.S. The first one of two shows in McMullens is coming up on Wednesday, November 23. Check them out!