Events at McMullens Villach


Pitchers and Pizza

Enjoy the wonderful combination of a delicious pizza and a pitcher of beer or Spritzer every Wednesday in McMullens Villach. Share with your friends or have it all by yourself... it's worth it either way ;-)

Artwork by Stephen Padden 

Pub Quiz

Thursday, November 17, 8p.m.

It's always a lovely day for a Pub Quiz, isn't it? Will you be able to answer all the questions the quizmaster will be throwing your way? Come in and find out!


Thursday, November 24, 8p.m.

It's a bingo! Will you be the one to say the magic word this time? Why don't you find out. Grab your friends and have a go!



Friday, November 25, 8p.m.

You like to sing and would like 


Pool Tournament

Wednesday, November 30, 6p.m.

It's time to get the balls rollin' in McMullens! Come in and be part of our monthly pool tournament. Because pool is cool ;-)